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We have designed all our services with you in mind! Please review our website and see all the services Yuppie Dog can offer. We understand how busy and hardworking Yuppies are and how important it is to make up for all the times you are away from your dog(s). The good news is we'll take care of all your furry one's needs and help you feel guilt free!

Extra Extra!!! Yuppie dog News!

Woohoo! Times are changing and Yuppie Dog wants to keep up.

We recently converted to a new reservation system that will allow you to securely log in and view your profile, order history, punchcard balances, and even make real time reservations. This will allow us to check you in and out faster and maintain a up to date profile!

Help! My dog is too Naughty!

Good thing there is Yuppie Dog to help train your furry one! Try a one on one session with our behavioral specialist Mary Kegarise! She'll help you pick out the right sessions.