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Houston, TX 77007
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Our Pricing

Our Daycare Rates





5 Day Pass


$41.19 per day!
$14 savings!
10 Day Pass


$39.09 per day!
$49 savings!
20 Day Pass


$37.29 per day!
$133 savings!
Half-Day Daycare


Day Stay


* All passes expire within 6 months of first use.

** Half-day daycare is pickup within 6 hours. Anything over 6 hours is considered a full day.

Daycare Schedule

Playtime Monday - Friday: 6:30 am - 11:00 am / 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Nap Time Monday - Friday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Playtime Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (no naptime)
Playtime Sunday: available for overnight guests only
Meet & Greet Evaluation
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Overnight Stay

Prices are per night/per dog. In addition, an activity must be selected per day.

Urban Loft


8 x 4
Cozy beds and raised bowls
3 relief walks
Deluxe Loft


For those looking for some extra room, to stretch and relax.

8 x 8
Cozy beds and raised bowls
3 relief walks

We can accommodate multiple guests in the same loft, Urban and Deluxe, for a discounted rate. See multi dog discount below:

Multiple pet discounts for dogs from the same family unit: 5% off second dog staying in the same Urban Loft, or 5% for the 3rd dog saying in the Deluxe. Dogs must meet size requirements to ensure a safe and comfortable stay.

Mini-bar menu
Available at check-in or by visiting our reservations app. Prices vary.
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Overnight Stay Activities

*Prices discounted with Overnight Stay

All dogs must pass Meet & Greet evaluation to be able to play in group setting and must be neutered/spayed if over 6 months old.

Full Day Playtime


All day of playtime in our spacious turfed outdoor play area complete with in ground recess entry pool for them to cool off and have fun. In the event our Texas weather is not cooperating, we have large indoor play areas for the fun to continue.

Half Day Playtime


Half the day but just as fun!

Small Group Play


A great way for your dog to make new friends, socialize and be more active in a smaller group setting.

One-on-One Time


Great choice for those less active dogs. Whether your dog likes to play fetch, or he just wants to snuggle up in our laps for some loving. 15 minutes per session.

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Stay Add-Ons

Want to spoil you dog some more, you can add on any of the following services:



Indulge your dog with cuddles & tummy rubs. 6 minutes.

Overnight Crate


If you are training your dog to be crated or they are just used to sleeping in one, we can add a crate to their room in the evening so they can feel just like home.

Bedding Upgrades

Prices Vary

Add some extra comfort with an orthopedic bed, ultra-fluffy bed or pet cave.

Spa Services

Prices Vary

Services to pamper you pet and make them check out ready for you! We offer Spa Baths, Nail Grinds/Clip, Pawdicure and much more. Contact us for more information.

Extra One-on-One Time


Add more time to cuddle or play. 15 minutes per session.

Mini Bar

Prices Vary

How about a delicious seasonal fruit parfait or a peanut butter Kong treat? There are many options to choose from and all homemade from all organic and dog safe ingredients.

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