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Dog Daycare

It's Playtime!

Yuppie Dog’s unique dog daycare programs benefit both dogs and their owners.

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We offer a doggy daycare that’s all about fun, playtime, and socializing. Your furry friend can hang out with other dogs, get lots of attention from humans, and burn off that excess energy. And don’t worry about coming home to a chewed-up couch or a bored dog – at our daycare, your pup is in good hands!

Dogs are often energetic and active and require more exercise than a walk around the neighborhood. At dog daycare, you can go to work or enjoy your day knowing your dog is running, playing, and spending all their extra energy in a safe environment.
Dogs thrive on social interaction with humans and other dogs. Because of their pack animal nature, spending time with other dogs is instinctually satisfying to most dogs. Plus, dog daycare is a safe and supervised environment for your dog to improve their social skills, which is proven to lead to a more confident and well-adjusted personality.
Reduces undesirable habits
When dogs are left alone, they can get bored or restless. This sometimes leads to behaviors like barking, digging, chewing your belongings, or leaving messes in the house. Daycare lets your dog spend their day in a constructive way, and often helps curb these kinds of habits.

What Makes Yuppie Dog Daycare Different?

Built for fun
Built for fun
We designed our facility with doggy happiness in mind. We have spacious outdoor play areas with toys and playground obstacles. We also have climate-controlled indoor playrooms to keep the fun going in all weather conditions.
Caring, highly trained staff
Caring, highly trained staff
Staff members at Yuppie Dog are carefully trained in dog behavior and canine CPR. Playtime is always supervised by our professional, pet-loving daycare team, who specialize in monitoring social play.
Swimming pools
Swimming pools
Yuppie Dog is the only pet care facility in the area with a recessed, outdoor pool built just for dogs. This ground-level swimming pool is tons of fun on hot days in the Texas summertime. For our smaller guests, we also have shallow splash pads.
Climate-controlled nap times
Climate-controlled nap times
Between play sessions, each daycare visitor recharges and relaxes in their own air-conditioned loft. Fresh, cool water is always available, of course!
Individual daycare available
Individual daycare available
Less social or special needs dogs may not enjoy our traditional daycare, but we have special daycare programs just for them. We’re happy to provide one-on-one or in small group playtime.
Convenient location
Convenient location
We’re convenient to the greater Houston area, located just minutes north of I-10 and downtown Houston.
In ground recessed pool entry built just for dogs!
Large outdoor turfed play area separated by size and play style.
Spacious Indoor climate-controlled play areas for when the weather doesn't cooperate
Over 9 hours of playtime!
Daycare available Monday - Saturday!
Naptime during mid-day allows dog to rest, have lunch or enjoy one of our mini bar options.
Canine Behavioral Specialist on staff to assess each dog as an individual and offer positive & ethical solutions to redirect and correct unwanted behavior.
Snout to tail assessment of each dog daily.
Report cards sent as required to ensure you remain informed and up-to-date of any health or behavioral issues.
Lots of pictures to brighten up your day!
Sanitation and cleaning: All our outdoor turf play areas and play equipment are sanitized continuously.
Emergency Protocols with established procedures to handle any emergencies that may arise. Our staff is trained to recognize and respond to signs of illness or distress in pets and will act promptly to provide necessary care.

Above and Beyond in Safety

While we’re experts in doggy fun, we’re also experts in doggy safety. Here are just some of the special features and care our facility offers to ensure the well-being of every furry guest:

Pet CPR and First Aid trained staff
Secure double entry doorways accessing all outdoor play areas and building doors
100% staff supervision in all playgroups
Daily health and wellness checks
Higher staff to dog ratio
Careful playgroup selection based on personality, size and age
On-staff canine behavior specialist

Daycare Schedule

Playtime Monday - Friday: 6:30 am - 11:00 am / 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Nap Time Monday - Friday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Playtime Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (no naptime)
Playtime Sunday: available for overnight guests only

Meet & Greet is required to evaluate our guest temperament and whether they are suitable for group play, small group play or customized options.

Daycare FAQ's

My dog has been to other daycares, do I still need to bring him in for a Meet & Greet?
While we understand that your furry friend may be social and have experience with other dog daycares, we will need to conduct a meet and greet to ensure their comfort with our pack and facility. This is a necessary step to ensure that your dog feels at home and can make the most of their time with us.
How often should my dog attend daycare?
The frequency of daycare attendance for your dog depends on various factors such as their age, breed, personality, and individual needs. In general, we recommend at least one or two visits per week to ensure that your furry friend remains socialized, active, and mentally stimulated. This will give your dog a chance to acclimate to our facility, staff, and daycare routine, which can help make any future overnight stays stress-free. However, some dogs may benefit from more frequent visits, while others may be content with less. We can work with you to determine the optimal attendance schedule for your dog based on their unique characteristics and your schedule.
Why can’t my dog participate in a group setting if intact after 6 months?
As young dogs approach sexual maturity, they may encounter challenges in off-leash environments. Although behavioral changes may not be as noticeable in intact adolescent dogs when at home, these changes may become more evident when in a daycare setting. Unaltered male dogs are often targeted by altered males due to their hormonal differences, making them more vulnerable to bullying. On the other hand, females may face different challenges.
Where do my dog take his nap?
During nap time, dogs are transferred to their private 8' x 4' rooms, equipped with raised beds, cozy blankets, and a sufficient supply of water. If you would like to provide them with lunch or a special treat from our Mini Bar, we can accommodate your request.
What measures are taken to ensure the cleanliness of play areas and nap spaces?
We maintain a high level of cleanliness through strict daily cleaning protocols. A dedicated staff member is assigned to ensure proper sanitation and adherence to our rigorous cleaning standards. Outdoor turfed areas and equipment are regularly sanitized and disinfected to maintain a hygienic environment for pets. Our cleaning products are of veterinary grade quality and safe for use around animals.

To ensure that your furry friend remains comfortable and happy, we request that they attend daycare at least once every three months. If your pooch has been away from us for more than three months, we'll need to conduct a re-evaluation to reintegrate them into our pack safely.