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At Yuppie Dog, we don’t just offer a basic “roof over their head” during their vacation – we give them a swanky, comfy overnight stay that surpasses all other dog hotels! We’re talking raised beds, cozy blankets, temperature-controlled digs, and plenty of lovin’ from our dedicated staff. We don’t do cookie-cutter care here – each of our furry guests gets a personalized experience that’s tailored to their unique needs and preferences. And if your pooch is the adventurous type, we’ve got customizable activity packages to keep them entertained and living their best life. So, forget the boring old boarding options – give your furry friend the VIP treatment they deserve at Yuppie Dog.

Visit us today to discover the difference for yourself!

Tours available! We welcome you to visit us during our tour hours Monday thru Friday between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. On Saturdays, by appointment only. During your visit, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and show you why Yuppie Dog is the best choice for your furry companion.

Stay At Yuppie Dog And Sleep Happy!

At Yuppie Dog, we understand your dog is a member of the family. That’s why we make sure to spoil every furry guest with the love and luxury they deserve when away from home.

Spacious sleeping areas
Spacious sleeping areas with raised bedding and comfy blankets.
All accommodations are temperature-controlled for superior comfort.
Mini-bar service
Organic snacks made in our kitchen with love.
Soundproof insulation
Soundproof insulation throughout our facility.
Clean air at all times
Frequent air exchanges for fresh, clean air at all times.
Rooms cleaned and sanitized daily. Fresh linens everyday.
3 outdoor breaks
Minimum 3 outdoor elimination breaks each day.
Snout to tail wellness check
Daily wellness check.
First Night Free for New Boarding Clients
Your first night is on us! We can't wait to meet your furry family member.

Offer valid for new clients. Cannot be combined with other offers. Requires Meet & Great.

Overnight Activity Packages

In our 14 years of experience caring for dogs, we’ve learned all dogs benefit from engagement and activity when they’re away from home. We also understand that every dog has unique needs and preferences. That’s why we offer customizable, discounted activity packages so you can choose the right levels of play and attention for your pup. Here are some of the ways we can entertain and exercise your dog during their overnight stay with us:

Overnight Stay Activities & Add Ons

Group Activities
Full Day Daycare
All day of playtime in our spacious turfed outdoor play area complete with in ground recess entry pool for them to cool off and have fun. In the event our Texas weather is not cooperating, we have large indoor play areas for the fun to continue.
Half Day Daycare
Half the day but just as fun! (up to 6 hours)
Small Group Play
A great way for your dog to make new friends, socialize and be more active in a smaller group setting. (8 dogs or less). Dogs are matched based on compatible playstyles. 30 minutes.
One-on-One Activities
One-on-One Time
Not all dogs are alike and that is perfectly fine! Whether your dog likes to play fetch or just wants to snuggle up in our laps for some loving. 15 minutes per session.

Stay Add-Ons

Want to spoil you dog some more, you can add on any of the following services:

Indulge your dog with cuddles & tummy rubs. 6 minutes per session.
Bedding Upgrades
Add some extra comfort with an orthopedic bed, ultra-fluffy bed or pet cave.
Extra One-on-One Time
Add more time to cuddle or play. 15 minutes per session.
Face Time Call
Stay connected with your dog no matter where you are. 5 minutes per call. Calls must be scheduled.
Overnight Crate
If you are training your dog to be crated or he is used to sleeping in one, we can add a crate to his/her room in the evening so they can feel just like home.
Spa Services
Services to pamper you pet and make them check out ready for you! We offer Spa Baths, Nail Grinds/Clip, Pawdicure and much more.
Mini Bar
How about a delicious seasonal fruit pupsicle or a peanut butter Kong treat? There are many options to choose from and all homemade in our kitchen from all organic and dog safe ingredients.

Overnight Stay FAQ

Does my dog need a meet & greet for an overnight stay?
Yes! For their safety and of others, all dogs need to be evaluated to assess their comfort level around our facility, ease of handling by staff, and friendliness with other dogs.
What happens if my dog does not get along with the pack or is too anxious?
For dogs that are challenging in group settings or overly anxious, we can only offer one-on-one time options for their safety and the safety of others. However, we do have limited capacity for dogs that cannot participate in group play, and these spots fill up quickly. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability for overnight stays and kindly request that meet and greet sessions be scheduled well in advance. Additionally, we may require your dog to visit us multiple times before their overnight stay reservation to ensure that they are comfortable with our staff and facility. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your dog has a safe, happy, and fun experience while in our care.
Do you accept senior dogs?
For their comfort and well-being, we do not accept senior dogs with mobility or health issues that require specialized care. Our facility is best suited for younger playful dogs.
Do you accept unaltered dogs?
Yes, unaltered dogs over 6 months are accepted. They will not be allowed to participate in group play and will require One on One time as their Overnight Stay activity. We do not accept any females in heat. We have limited availability for unaltered dogs and spaces fill up quickly. Reservations are a must.
Do I need to bring my dog’s food?
We prioritize your pet's comfort and aim to prevent digestive issues during their stay, which is why we recommend that you bring their own food. To ensure that the appropriate amount of food is available throughout your dog's visit, we request that you provide their food in pre-packaged, labeled zip lock bags for each serving. In the event that enough food is not provided, we offer grain-inclusive sensitive stomach food for an additional fee per serving.
Can I bring my dog’s bed and blankets?
All of our accommodations come with a raised bed, and we have plenty of soft blankets and bedding for all our guests. To maintain a clean and hygienic environment, we do not permit any outside bedding or toys.
Can you administer my dog’s medication?
Yes, trained staff can administer non-injectable medication. We request all medication is in their original prescribed bottle with veterinary instructions. We will not administer any prescribe medication without clear veterinary instructions.
Do dogs have potty breaks overnight?
Similar to when they are with their owners, dogs usually sleep through the night without needing potty breaks once they settle in for bedtime.To maintain their routine and ensure they get a full night's sleep, we do not provide nighttime potty breaks. Our facility provides all-day play and stimulation, which tends to make dogs fall asleep quickly once the lights are turned off.

Attending daycare before an overnight stay is essential to help your dog adjust to our facility, staff, and routine. This can make their future overnight stays stress-free. To ensure your dog's comfort and happiness, we recommend they attend daycare at least once every three months. If your dog hasn't visited us for more than three months, we'll need to conduct a re-evaluation to safely reintroduce them to our pack.